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Whether you find termites inside your house or somewhere on your property it is very important not to disturb them. Return the material that you lifted which exposed them or use tape to re-seal the damaged material to restore their environment. Termites may disappear from an area they have been disturbed this gives a false sense of security because they will usually return sometime later.

At this stage a termite inspection is highly recommended to help determine the extent of the activity or if the activity poses a risk to the house structure.


Thermal imaging is the latest in technology used to aid termite inspections.  The camera has the ability to detect small temperature changes with-in a building and is a useful tool when detecting termite nests in the home, possible termite damage and areas of moisture within the house. It is essential to use thermal imaging in conduction with other pest inspection techniques as cameras do have limitations depending on weather conditions and stored good and furniture.

The introduction of thermal imaging technology has been a serious investment in achieving quality inspections that has been justified with the results achieved and is now considered essential on all of our termite inspections.

If you are certain you need a termite treatment we can arrange a time to assess you property and provide you with a free written termite treatment proposal and discuss the many termite treatment options that you have available.