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Until recently, the almost exclusively used method of termite management was the application of a chemical termite barrier. Exterra radically changes all that. Besides environmental reasons, Exterra's greatest advantage compared to chemical barriers is its ability to eliminate the actual source of your termite problem the termite colony itself.

It all starts with a full termite inspection to determine the areas of damage and or activity and the treatment required to rectify the infestation or prevention measures to help deter termite attack.


Outside we will install in-ground stations around the house near where termites are likely to be foraging for food. These stations contain non toxic timber termites prefer to eat. Below each station a focus termite attractant is added which releases CO2 into the soil that mimics those naturally given off by rotting wood that termites are proven to be attracted to.

This procedure encourages termites towards the stations rather then the house. The stations are bar-coded and checked every four to six weeks depending if termites are active or inactive in the stations. If stations are found active, requiem (termite bait) is placed and safely secured into the stations and termite feeding on the bait may begin. Continual baiting of stations four-weekly occurs until colony eradication is achieved.


If termites are active inside the house then above-ground stations are attached to areas of termite activity or foraging. Bait is sealed and safely placed within the station this helps speed the process of colony eradication and encourages termites to feed on the bait rather then the material within the house. Again, bait is added four-weekly until colony eradication is achieved.


In addition to checking stations every four to six weeks, two complete termite inspection of the house and property are conducted. If at any time termite activity is located within the house action can be taken immediately to rectify the problem.


Exterra is the most environmentally friendly termite management system on the market for post construction homes. The system does not require application of hundreds of liters of liquid chemicals around the home instead the bait is applied directly to controlled and active termite feeding sites.


The termite bait (Requiem) is less toxic than table salt and is safely secured in locked stations and only applied when termites are active. This system is safe for you your family and pets.


All inspections are recorded and documented and supplied to the home owner for their records and ours. Two inspection reports are issued per year and the summary reports on the stations checks through-out the year detailing activity in stations, species present the amount or bait added to stations and colony eradication success. All sites are registered with Exterra and a site number is allocated to the property.